Celebs That Copy Xtina

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Christina Aguilera - [n] the true originator of all things.

Part-time Nicki Minaj impersonator and full-time badass Samuel L. Jackson, of the Jackson 5, copies Christina’s holey shirt and pose.

DOES HE LOOK LIKE A BITCH?! The answer is no.

Anonymous asked: wtf does macklemore have to do with anything???????

well he’s the one hiding his man boobs on the cover of rolling stone trying to copy xtina’s seductive pose so yeah macklemore has everything to do with anything



I’m not the only one that Googled “Shanghai Surprise” right?

Why would you have to google it, it’s listed amongst about ten other synonyms for transsexual, did that not tip you off?

but did you even know its when you take someone home for a one night stand and they turn out to not be the sex you thought they were, did you get that meaning from it when she said the other stuff? Did you bitch? Bc if you did you sure are a fucking genius at context

How dare Macklemore copy Queen of the GAYS, Lady Gaga Xtina!!!!!! After all she’s done for them and this is how they repay her?!? As a gay man, Macklemore, you should know that the wet mascara look was soo Lauren Conrad 2007 and the Slut of the Lake look is totally Xtina 2003. She told you y’all were #Beautiful (NOT TO BE MISTAKEN FOR MARICAH’S SONG FOR LEGAL REASONS) and is even friends with some of y’all. This is just appalling. 

Justin Timberlake and LaToya Jackson copies Xtina and Donald Duck’s iconic nipple flash. Justin and LaToya flashed her nipple at the Super Bowl which is so disgusting like how low is your self esteem that you would flash your disgusting nipple at the Super Bowl? At least Christina had the decency and self respect to flash her cute and perky nipple at Disneyland, the Most Magical Place on Earth. And between me and you, I would let Donald flash my nipple over Justin any day. Just look at Donald, you know his beak was made for eating pussy.

Classless and assless, Justin Bieber, copies Xtina’s iconic and revolutionary Rolling Stone cover. The goddess stripped nude for art and pop culture, I guess you can call it ARTPOP. The bottom equivalent of Justin Timberlake got naked to pull a “prank” on his grandmother??? That poor old lady reportedly died laughing at Justin’s chode. Tragic.

Unbelievable, as soon as she recovered from her vaginal transplant surgery she’s right back to doing the only thing she’s good at, stealing Christina’s identity. Leave it up to GaGa to turn Christina’s classy, sensual, seductive look into a street walking 99 cents on Amazon ho couture. Trashy, nasty, and looking hella gassy.

If you didn’t get titty fucked so much your tits wouldn’t look so concaved and deformed and Ellen wouldn’t look so terrified. But by the look on POTUS 2016’s face, you can tell she was feeling euphoric staring straight into the heavenly LOTUS (#BUYLOTUS) of Christina “2 times Teen Choice Award winner” Aguilera.

oh okay beyonSAY! HA! I see you copying the original Renaissance Queen, Maria Antionette Aguilera. Bitchoncé is clearly the female Michael Jackson, she sings, dance, and even has Vitiligo.

This bitch bag not only copies new and struggling artists like Lana Del Rey, she also copies legendary artists like Christina Aguilera. Don’t she know #cake was invented in 16th century France by Christina Maria Antionette? It was bad enough that she tells ugly people they were born that way, now she’s trying to rap and be black like Xtina. She’s like an anorexic Iggy Azalea. I thought Fame Monster was back but no she’s just turning into more of an insufferable cunt. She’s also very racist against white people, like how dare she abandon her birth skin and try to become black? Pot smokers aren’t suppose to be racist.